DEBUNK-ICB The tutorial

Dear Customer: Hello
Please open the official website of Wirebarley first:
Register (please fill in your country for the remittance area when registering, and select China for the receiving country) After registration, please complete identity verification (usually identity verification will be completed within 6 hours; however, after public holidays or business hours, It may take up to 24 hours.)
After completing the above matters, please contact customer service to obtain the remittance amount and beneficiary account information
Remittance tutorial: Click Remittance-select the remittance country and the recipient country and confirm the currency (select the People's Republic of China and RMB for the payment)-enter the remittance amount-enter the recipient information (check whether the remittance is to Alipay)-confirm the remittance information and complete Remittance application-remit the payment amount to the designated beneficiary account
Please complete the remittance with the assistance of customer service. If you encounter something you don’t understand, please contact customer service in time, thank you