Company Profile

Fujian Ruishang Business Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017, located in Xiamen Software Park, Fujian Province.
It's a small, beautiful, innovative Internet company.
The company focuses on publishing information in the gift vertical industry.
This is a gift planning, gift design and gift service integration of the Internet enterprise.
We focus on solving the trouble of choosing gifts and providing gifts to consumers, and help everyone choose the right gift to express emotion and convey happiness.

YU HU SHOP introduce

YU HU Shop has an independent Internet product development and operation team.
Everyone's original intention is very good, understand and master the needs of the gift industry, and profound accumulation of gift culture, and continue to provide consumers with fashionable gift selection strategy and gift giving plan.
We select exquisite gifts from major e-commerce platforms and recommend the most popular gifts to our users.

YU HU Shop is the industry's leading gift information publishing site, dedicated to providing thousands of Internet users with the most professional gift selection strategy, combining gift giving objects, festivals and other gift giving scenarios to create a new gift buying experience.
Here, we gather a group of talented people who are passionate about sharing their gift choices and publish a carefully edited gift guide every day.
Meanwhile, every day thousands of netizens choose suitable and exquisite gifts for lovers, friends and family in Gift City.